MettaX Opening Speech

By president
July 1, 2023 by
MettaX Digital (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Administrator

Today, in the rented office space, we, a total of 18 young individuals from all corners of the country, have come together with our creativity and passion to create something extraordinary - a space and experience that was previously unimaginable.

Although we may come from different regions, I firmly believe that the commonalities between people far outweigh our differences. At MettaX, we hold a deep appreciation for humanity. We cherish each and every single person we encounter and strive to build harmonious relationships. Our hope is for MettaX to be a team that embraces openness and collaboration. We hope that every individual who joins us can find alignment with their own values and that their time at MettaX will be a lifelong enriching experience.

The past three years of the pandemic have taught us firsthand the uncertainties that the world can bring. I have total confidence in our team's collective abilities to get through these uncertainties, ultimately bringing stability and dependability to people's lives through products that create links with people and the planet. Regardless of how the world may change and irrespective of our own backgrounds or those of our diverse clientele, we share a common aspiration: to make our loved ones proud, to give back to the world, and to stay true to ourselves.

The world is filled with boundless wonders, and it is our duty to actively participate. Life itself encompasses both inevitable hardships and the enduring flame of hope. As long as we embark on a path of reflection and action, we will undoubtedly encounter challenges, but these challenges also offer hope and potential for growth. Remember that at any given moment, including the present, the opportunity to alter our fate through action is always within our grasp.

While our company may not possess exclusive technologies that set us apart, it is our culture that truly distinguishes us. We place immense value on mutual respect among our team and hold ourselves accountable to our customers and collaborators, so as to achieve genuine win-win outcomes.

While profitability is indeed a vital responsibility for any business, it does not define our purpose. I firmly believe that our genuine endeavors will ultimately drive financial success, but our mission extends beyond mere profit. We strive to bring about meaningful change in the world while also maintaining a profitable venture. Looking ahead, I hope that every individual will fondly remember their time at MettaX not solely in terms of monetary gains, but rather in terms of the sincere and open communication, and the value we have collectively brought to our industry and clients. MettaX is far from a perfect company, and we acknowledge that mistakes will inevitably be made along the way. Nevertheless, we are committed to progressing forward hand-in-hand with unwavering business ethics.

During yesterday's general meeting of shareholders, I used the word "sharing" to express my thoughts. Today, however, I would like to convey my sentiments with a single word - love. This love represents my deep passion for our mission, my unwavering enthusiasm for building an exceptional company, my genuine care for each of our partners, and my earnest desire to infuse love, happiness, and kindness into every aspect of our business. Finally, let us translate our aspirations into concrete actions, delivering tangible value to the world. I wish our company resounding success and unwavering progress as we forge ahead on this remarkable journey.