Who We Are

MettaX exists to infuse goodwill, kindness, and love into our business model to unlock boundless potential and explore new possibilities.


MettaX Digital (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is dedicated to developing a highly reliable and intelligent fleet management system. It achieves fleet management, vehicle scheduling, and asset tracking management leveraging its core capabilities in AIoT R&D, visual intelligence algorithms, production, and global services.
The MettaX Intelligent Fleet Management System encompasses a diverse range of products, such as GPS tracker, 4G real-time visible driving recorders, Wi-Fi driving recorder systems, and AI cameras for the scheduling and management of vehicles inside and outside. By closely integrating technologies and innovation, it fulfills customized and professional customer needs in one stop based on its plentiful experience in serving global partners.

MettaX has launched the "MettaX Visual Intelligent IoT (Internet of Things) Platform" to fully empower numerous industries, such as smart homes, pet intelligence, and smart businesses, relying on its powerful visual intelligence, algorithm cloud services, AIoT product reserves, and advantaged manufacturing capabilities. Additionally, a customer-oriented global after-sales team is also available to serve customer’s implementation of global visual intelligence solutions with prompt and professional support at any time.

Why MettaX



Focusing on the needs and well-being of employees and customers to enhance their lives


Combining technology and innovation to meet market demands and exceed customer expectations


Pursuing excellence by offering unique market products and challenging stereotypes