Тhe IoT management software for assets, fleet, personal, and pets.

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GPS Real-time Tracking

Easily track and monitor the location of the target device anytime, anywhere, whether the target is a vehicle or an object.

Multiple Alarm Notifications

Whenever the device trigger a event like Over-speed, Geo-fence, Low battery, Power-off , ACC detection, Tamper , Vibration, etc., you will receive the notifications in real-time from the MettaXIoT platform.

Accounts Management

The admin can secure the data by setting different access to different accounts.

Historical Trip Playback

Combine flexible segmentation rules and smooth animation effects to bring you a new level of positioning experience.

Statistical Report

Online reporting, as well as generating rich reports in the background and downloading reports asynchronously to understand device usage.

Mobile App

Use mobile phone to know real-time location of the device, receive alarm notifications and view historical track playback anytime, anywhere.

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