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Logistic & Transportation

We offer a comprehensive vehicle monitoring and management solution for the logistics and transportation industry that is designed to improve safety, efficiency and transparency in the logistics and transportation industry. The solution provides the following features:

-- Real-time monitoring of vehicles inside and outside. Providing high-quality video data to prevent cargo theft and damage.

-- Real-time tracking of vehicle location. Optimizing route planning and vehicle scheduling, and reducing transportation time.

-- Real-time monitoring of driver behavior. Recording unsafe behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, and batch driving, and providing real-time alerts.

-- Real-time uploading of data to ensure full visualization of the transportation process.

Public Transportation

We offer a set of comprehensive solutions for the public transportation industry, integrating safety monitoring, route planning, passenger flow statistics, on-board display and other functions. The solution brings significant benefits in intelligent management, resource optimization, and passenger experience enhancement, etc.

This helps public transportation companies achieve modernized and intelligent management goals. The solution provides the following features:

-- Real-time monitoring and recording. Supporting in-vehicle video and audio recording, ensuring the safety of passengers and drivers.

-- Real-time tracking of vehicle location. Optimizing route planning and vehicle dispatch, providing route deviation checks to ensure vehicles travel according to plan.

-- Real-time passenger flow statistics. Optimizing vehicle dispatch and operational strategies through data analysis, improving service quality.

-- The in-vehicle Android display screen can play multimedia files, showing driver and vehicle information, enhancing passenger travel experience and information transparency.

Insurance Services

We offer individual vehicle owners a comprehensive solution that integrates route recording, ADAS, BSD, emergency rescue, accident data upload and analysis. 

This solution not only enhances the efficiency and transparency of accident handling and insurance claims but also ensures accurate determination of accident liability. Additionally, it brings significant benefits in improving driving safety and user experience, helping vehicle owners enjoy a more intelligent and safer driving life. The solution provides the following features:

-- Provision of clear and detailed accident data and video evidence. Simplifying the claims process and reducing disputes.

-- Real-time monitoring and data uploading. Reducing false claims and fraud and ensuring fair compensation.

-- Driving Improvement with DMS and ADAS. Helping vehicle owners improve driving habits, reducing accidents, and enhancing driving safety.

-- SOS Alarm Function. Ensuring vehicle owners can quickly get help in emergencies, improving safety assurance.

Fleet Management

We offer a comprehensive solution for fleet management that integrates real-time tracking, route recording, AI alerts, external sensors, driver identification, and expense management. This solution not only enhances the efficiency and safety of fleet operations, optimizes resource allocation, and reduces operating costs, but also brings significant benefits in improving management transparency and ensuring compliance, etc. It assists fleet management in achieving modernized and intelligent management goals. The solution provides the following features:

-- Expense Management and Sensor Data Monitoring. Optimizing resource allocation, reducing fuel consumption, and maintenancing costs.

-- Real-time Data Upload and Full Visualization. Providing a transparent management interface to enhance management transparency.

-- Driver Identification and Attendance Tracking. Ensuring drivers operate according to regulations, reducing violation behaviors.

-- AI Alerts with DMS, ADAS, and BSD. Reducing accidents and enhancing driving safety through AI-based alerts.